Organic Garden

The Floresta Project is committed to assisting a community in the Purus National Forestof Brazil in implementing organic farming and permaculture practices. There are many challenges to gardening in the rainforest, and we believe that permaculture practices and techniques are the essential foundation for creating an integrated, environmentally sustainable agricultural system that will benefit the community and ensure that natural resources will be available for future generations.

Floresta plans to begin fundraising for an organic permaculture garden to be maintained and used by the community on their own land. The garden project will be an opportunity to bring in specialists who can help implement an environmentally sustainable approach to agriculture by teaching local farmers and villagers various permaculture techniques such as composting and agroforestry.

The food from the garden will supply the villagers, the General Kitchen and a local food co-op. The distribution will involve a multi-tiered program that provides free food for the poor and underprivileged villagers. This pilot model could then be replicated in other villages in the Amazon.

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