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Floresta Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and sustainability of the planet and its inhabitants. Our purpose is to connect Indigenous and Native communities to resources that enhance their self-reliance through sustainability. We partner with grassroots organizations and conscious individuals to create a network that supports a sustainable approach to community health, agriculture and land stewardship.

By linking modern methods with the knowledge inherent in earth-based traditions, we provide access to technologies and services that support and empower local communities to sustain themselves, their homelands, and ultimately, the planet.

Current Projects

Centro Medicina da Floresta Laboratory

Floresta is currently supporting the construction of a laboratory for the Center for Medicines of the Forest (Centro Medicina da Floresta, CMF) in Purus National Forest in the Brazilian Amazon. The facility will support an expansion upon twenty-one years of work in the preservation, research, education and use of traditional medicinal plants of the Amazon rainforest. The natural remedies and treatments made by CMF benefit hundreds of families in Purus National Forest and the State of Acre, and their extensive education programs teach children and adults about herbal medicine, healthcare, and land stewardship.more


Floresta is supporting the AmaGaia project, a certified Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course which teaches villagers in the Purus National Forest of Brazil about building sustainable communities. The AmaGaia course is modeled on several successful ecovillages around the world. It is the first certified EDE course to be held in the Amazon rainforest, and one of the few in the world dedicated to traditional communities…more

Tribal Food Project

Floresta is developing partnerships with universities and grassroots organizations to form a network that supports bringing sustainable gardens and healthy food to tribal schools on Native American reservations in the United States. We are working together to establish programs that focus on food sustainability and environmental stewardship…more

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