Florais da Amazonia

Florais da Amazonia is a line of floral essences from the Amazon rainforest and produced at Centro Medicina da Floresta (CMF). Created through a 25-year study by Maria Alice Campos Freire and Isabel Faccinni Barsé, these special remedies are made from many different types of flowers that grow in the rainforest. The “florais” are products made by extracting and utilizing the essences of these flowers; they bring harmony and healing to the mind, body and spirit. Florais are strongly influenced by the traditions that have endured for many centuries in the Amazon Forest.

The use of flower essences is becoming recognized as a valuable healing tool throughout the world. Florais essences bring the forest’s exuberance into harmony with the flow of energy in the human being. They work on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, supporting a deep healing by restoring a person’s original health. Healing happens from the inside out, beginning on the most subtle levels. Florais essences have no side effects; they are a consciousness cure. To learn more about the Florais Kit: Click here
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Proceeds go to support Centro Medicina da Floresta’s work in the Amazon.

Visit Florais da Amazônia web site : www.floraisdaamazonia.com.br

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