Brazilian Amazon

Floresta Project works with native communities in the Brazilian Amazon to create community development initiatives that focus on sustainability and environmental conservation. Through these projects we are participating in the preservation of one of the largest remaining rainforests in the world. We assist the local population in using the principles of permaculture (environmentally conscious agriculture) in four main areas: agro-forestry, green building, clean energy, and sanitation. We also support the preservation and further development of traditional healing methods that utilize native plant medicines.

Working with established local groups, Floresta is working to implement a series of projects aimed at creating local infrastructure that supports: sustainable food programs that improve nutrition and access to healthy food; clean energy programs to reduce pollution; natural biofiltration systems to improve sanitation and minimize disease; teaching and supporting green building techniques to mitigate the impact of modernization on the forest; and supporting the preservation of traditional knowledge. All operations will employ sustainable practices, provide crucial and accessible training and knowledge, improve quality of life in the communities, enhance local economies, and contribute to the protection and preservation of the rainforest and its resources.

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